Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Wowsers are Winning at the Moment

Back in the second half of the twentieth century the wowsers were predominantly in Methodist and Baptist churches and they were losing. Every year seemed to bring new freedoms to the population. We the people thought that it was a good idea to choose how we wanted to live. By the late 1970's you would have thought that a persons right to live their life as they wanted was guaranteed. The smoking lobby was there but it was dominated by the remnants of the dying Methodists and Baptists.

I could not have been more wrong, as their faith died those with a puritanical bent simply moved to political parties , particularly the greens and democrats. The Libs and Labor got some but Labor seemed to attract more. Now the wowsers and do gooders are in position to make you live your life in a manner they think fit. Why can't I have a cheap bottle of wine? Because it may not be good for my health they say. Well f*** them I say. Let me live my life as I choose and only interfere if I directly harm other people.

I want my Freedom!

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