Saturday, July 05, 2008

Kevin Rudd - A Remarkable Man

Someone mentioned to me the other day what a remarkable man Kevin Rudd is.

'He combines Whitlams grasp of economics with Keatings affinity for the common man'

It's true.

A Remarkable man indeed.

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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Misery. Oh, I love it. Excellent. And thus we have so much to look forward to...

Rudd says he's a "Keynesian pure and simple". That's the Fabian Marxist Socialist Keynes, the economic incopetent and deluded boob Keynes spouting logical fallacy and cognitive dissonance nonsense. The Keynes like much of the Left at the time who supported Eugenics and was on the British Eugenics Society! board of directors until 1945.

But then the 3 pillars of the Left are support for a welfare state, abortion and identity politics. bankrupt.

The Left Liberal has never changed, just spread.

I see you diggeth the classic motorbike. Ah, praise to you Sir.

Colonel Neville.