Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good Neighbours make Good Friends

See how friendly some of my neighbours are? The house on the left is owned by an older woman and the house on the right by a Polish man in his 40's. The lady mowed her naturestrip the other day, and like many people mowed exactly to her property boundary. The next day the man mowed his, and he mowed to his property boundary. Now if you look at the photo carefully you will see a narrow strip of unmowed grass about 4 inches wide in front of the fence post. They seem to be in dispute over the ownership of a strip of land 4 inches wide and 2 metres long.

How can people be so stupid, petty and vindictive? If I mow my naturestrip I will often mow my neighbours while I am at it, it only takes a minute and looks better. Instead these two fools spend time and energy silently arguing over the maintenance of the lawn.

Am I the stupid one or is this an action that a reasonable person would take when mowing their lawn?

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