Monday, June 16, 2008

Another INSANE Man

Is the entire liberal/left of politics mad or stupid or both?

Latin Mass returns to England and Wales

This may be the beginning of the end of what passes for catholicism these days. The Church moves slowly and in strange ways, I can see nothing but good (for the RC church) coming out of this in the long term, perhaps society will benefit as well.

Via Currency Lad

Our Personal Freedom is DOOMED I Tell You!

This is what happens when 'experts' tell the government how people should live.

'THREE glasses of wine during dinner is about to be redefined as a binge-drinking episode under the Federal Government's new official drinking guidelines to be released next month.'
Keith Dunstan often warned about wowsers and how they will if given the chance interfere with every aspect of your life. Well they well and truly have the upper hand at the moment. What's the chance that we could get a political party that would encourage freedom of choice and personal responsibility? What if Red Ted Baillieu and his party took on a platform that will repeal interfering laws and make it a policy to 'Get off your Back and let you live as you choose as long as you do not harm others'?

It would have my support, however I doubt I will see it in my life.

First Law to be repealed - Compulsory Bicycle Helmets.

I am going to make a list of laws that I think should be repealed if you have any suggestions let me know.