Monday, May 26, 2008

This is a Genuine MAD SCIENTIST

Tim Flannery is a scientist specialising in mammalogy and palaeontology and for some unknown reason considers himself an expert in global warming. He is also insane here is the proof. He wants to pump huge volumes of sulpher into the atmosphere to cool the planet. He admits that he has no idea what effect the other consequences of this would be. He is not even sure if it would cool the earth.

Again I come to cognitive dissonance, there has been no warming of the atmosphere since 1998 and possibly as long ago as 1940, in that time the CO2 levels have risen dramatically. The whole premise of global warming is that increased CO2 levels proportionally increase the average global temperatures. This is not happening however some true believers can't see this so they cling to their unsupported beliefs rather than accept what their eyes, brains and intelligence try to tell them. The strangest thing is that the media are part of this belief system and with few exceptions do not question the received wisdom.

What can be done before morons destroy our economy and standard of living?

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