Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ACDC in Swanston Street

Melbourne has ALWAYS been the music capital of Australia, it has declined in recent years but it has produced more talent than the rest of Australia put together. I was working in the city the day this was recorded and saw then go past on the truck. I didn't take much notice as they played at all the pubs in Melbourne and you see them with little bother or expense. I don't know if the live music/pub rock scene will ever come back but we are a pit poorer for its passing.

I wonder if they even had to get a permit for this or they just did it, can you imagine anyone even trying to do this now? Even if a permit was issued the regulations and restriction would have them sitting inside a bus with seatbelts on and the noise level kept to 60db or something similiar.

Enjoy what was and can be no more.

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