Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watch with Caution - May cause Nightmares

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ACDC in Swanston Street

Melbourne has ALWAYS been the music capital of Australia, it has declined in recent years but it has produced more talent than the rest of Australia put together. I was working in the city the day this was recorded and saw then go past on the truck. I didn't take much notice as they played at all the pubs in Melbourne and you see them with little bother or expense. I don't know if the live music/pub rock scene will ever come back but we are a pit poorer for its passing.

I wonder if they even had to get a permit for this or they just did it, can you imagine anyone even trying to do this now? Even if a permit was issued the regulations and restriction would have them sitting inside a bus with seatbelts on and the noise level kept to 60db or something similiar.

Enjoy what was and can be no more.

Monday, May 26, 2008

This is a Genuine MAD SCIENTIST

Tim Flannery is a scientist specialising in mammalogy and palaeontology and for some unknown reason considers himself an expert in global warming. He is also insane here is the proof. He wants to pump huge volumes of sulpher into the atmosphere to cool the planet. He admits that he has no idea what effect the other consequences of this would be. He is not even sure if it would cool the earth.

Again I come to cognitive dissonance, there has been no warming of the atmosphere since 1998 and possibly as long ago as 1940, in that time the CO2 levels have risen dramatically. The whole premise of global warming is that increased CO2 levels proportionally increase the average global temperatures. This is not happening however some true believers can't see this so they cling to their unsupported beliefs rather than accept what their eyes, brains and intelligence try to tell them. The strangest thing is that the media are part of this belief system and with few exceptions do not question the received wisdom.

What can be done before morons destroy our economy and standard of living?

Great Bands of the 1970's

This is one of the great Aussie (ok NZ) songs to come out of the 70's. Great video, trams, Fitzroy, Silver Top Taxis..... the list goes on. I saw Dragon once at the Tarmac Hotel in Laverton. There was Marc Hunter singing to all the 15 and 16 year old Altona and Laverton tarts in the front row. Great Stuff.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Help I Need an Economist

Can somebody explain to me how economics works. I am sure that everyone is aware that the cost of living is going up, particularly fuel and groceries as well as utilities. Now the Reserve Bank sees this as a bad thing, fair enough so do I. However their solution to the problem is to raise interest rates and therefore the cost of your mortgage. Now this is where I need the explanation, how does raising my mortgage rate reduce the cost of oil or groceries etc?
Another mystery, some banks have raised their interest rates higher than the Reserve base rate. Now interest rates in the US, Japan and other places are considerably lower than Australia, I think the US is around 2.75%. The banks move money around the world constantly and must have access to these low interest rates. So why are they saying that the cost of borrowing is going up for them?
As Pauline famously said 'Please Explain'.

The Roman Catholic Church is Dying

I have written before about how the Roman Catholic church threw away the jewel in their liturgical crown with the abolition of the Tridentine Latin Mass. Well everything is evolutionary and I guess this is the natural result of Rock Masses and liberal charismatics. This is how a religion commits suicide, or should it be called theocide? I came across this in Currency Lad, he notes how old the congregation is, aging buffoons who have lost their sense of sacred and dignity. I would love to meet someone who thinks this is the way to Heaven.