Monday, February 25, 2008

Aborigines Have Special Psychic Powers?

I had a remarkable experience today, our training group was addressed by a Victorian Government employed Aboriginal Liason Officer. She spoke to us for almost an hour, in that time we were told the following.

Aborigines have special psychic powers with which they can sense things and communicate over long distances.
Aborigines have a far greater love of the land than any white person could have.
Aborigines have glaucoma because of white people.
Aborigines have diabetes because of white people.
Aborigines have many health problems because of white people food.
Aborigines drink because of white people.
Aborigines are more spiritual than white people.
Aborigines will start to heal because Rudd said sorry, but this healing will not fix any of their problems.
Aborigines should not be subject to white laws.
Aborigines love their children more than white people.
And on and on she went.

I put up with all this crap for some time however when she came out with the following statement I had to object.

"Until 1967 Aborigines came under the Flora and Fauna Act and it was legal to kill, injure or do what you wanted to them without fear of prosecution".

I said stop and asked where she got that from and she said it was true because that was what 'we' believe. I asked if she could provide proof of this remarkable allegation and all she said was that it's true.

After that she gave me dirty looks and essentially accused our entire group of being racist and that she would be monitoring us carefully.

What can be done when public servants are paid to disseminate this BULLSHIT? She honestly believed it all. As she was obviously not pure blood at a guess I would say about quarter aboriginal I wanted to ask her how was it that her aboriginal heritage overode her other heritage, however I fear such a question would have had me thrown out. It is a valid question though. If aborigines have special psychic powers at what dilution of aboriginal blood do the powers expire? 1/4, 1/8, 1/16? Where? It is a remarkable genetic heritage as it seems to dominate in many people who have extremely small amounts of aboriginal heritage.

It's a pity I can't love Australia as much as they do, I think I do but I am obviously wrong.

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Happening more quickly than I thought it Would

I thought Chairman Rudd would be able to control the dickheads in his party, it seems he can't. The inmates are running the asylum. This from the Herald Sun.

THE Federal Government is preparing to endorse a landmark UN declaration on indigenous rights, which the previous Coalition Government refused to support.

This is only the beginning wait till Kim Ill Carr starts on industry.

I feel sick.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Not everyone wants to submit to Moslem Rule

What a gutsy woman and the spineless Australian newspapers would not print the mohommed cartoons gutless the lot of them (via Tim Blair)

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Will Kevin Rudd and his party be apologising for you on Wednesday? It infuriates me that someone who I do not know will apologise on my behalf for a supposed policy of forced removal of aboriginal children on grounds of race. Even if there was such a policy (and there wasn't) I and my ancestors had nothing whatsoever to do with any such happenings. So why is our smarmy Chinese loving PM going to say sorry on my behalf? He has no right to and I refuse to be associated with any such thing.

Further I believe that this apology will worsen the condition of the aboriginal people. Instead of focusing on the real problems faced by the aborigines, the government will be drawn into extended social and legal arguments about 'compensation' for those who claim they were stolen. The morons who want the apology will not care as they want to take away the attention of the nation from the real problems in aboriginal communities and the cause of those problems. The real cause of many aboriginal problems can be placed on the policies of Nugget Coombs and the Labor Party, so many of the people involved in aboriginal welfare are followers of these policies that to admit that they are wrong is to take away the basis of a lifetimes work and the philosophical framework in which they live. So instead of looking real ways to improve the lot of aborigines they attach themselves to any cause which reinforces their worldview, as to do otherwise would mean a complete examination of their political and social beliefs, most of them do not have the courage to do this.

The result? Well many aboriginals especially in the states will continue to live in appalling conditions for the foreseeable future, those in the NT have some hope as the intervention will probably continue, however if Labor winds it back then things will again deteriorate there.