Sunday, November 25, 2007

I am a Fool and cannot predict elections.

Well it's Sunday morning and we will have a new government. I was completely wrong when I predicted the Libs to win. They say that you get the politicians you deserve and I guess that as a nation we are going to get what we deserve. Look forward to a slow but steady erosion of living standards and very gradual but ever increasing control over how you choose to live your life.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hassle Free Share Sales

Isn't this nice?

I recently acquired some shares through a demutualisation, recently a company called Hassle Free Share Sales wrote me a letter offering to buy the shares.

See they are offering me $854.00 for my shares and I don't have to pay brockerage. There is a second page to their letter though. The second letter tells me that the shares at the time of writing were worth $1680.00. In other words they are offering me a sum of slightly more than half of what the shares were worth. I know that this second letter is included due to changes in the law, but still I suppose that a lot of people would not read it properly.

Personally I have nothing against this sort of thing, if someone is stupid enough to sell an asset without knowing it's worth well they deserve what they get. Me.....well I will not accept their less than generous offer.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Libs Will Win

Here it is -My prediction for the election. Rudd and Labor will lose, Australians cannot be fooled by such a smarmy, smirky, pretentious person, much less the platoon of 'true believers' and fools that he has backing him. I am no fan of the current government but the alternative is just too egregious to contemplate.