Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vale Diogenes

Charles Murton has died, he was the writer behind what was one of the best written blogs around - Diogenes Lamp. It was the first blog I went to each day. He also wrote 'Bunny Champers' and probably other things I have not heard about. He was a wonderful writer with an ability to spot hypocrites from a distance and expose them. I will miss reading him.


bruce said...


Looks like his blog just disappeared too, the web vultures moved in fast. I find that jarring. It would have been nice to preserve that past year or two of posts and comments. Not that I know how it could be done.

So it goes, so it goes.
I'll drop in occasionally, take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I found out today and I am extremely saddened.

It is a great loss to the City of Melbourne.


Educator-To-Be said...

He will be very much missed.


Patrick said...

Bruce, I was Charles webmaster and I am deeply offended at your comment.

I would never have removed Charles sites. They would have remained for the life of our webspace. However Charles owned his own domain names and they expired. There was nothing I could do to prevent this as I do not know Charles account name nor password.

Read more here..........

And perhaps be a little more careful in criticizing that which you have no understanding of in future.