Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Job for an Old Man

Due to circumstances beyond my control the manufacturing business has been sold and I have had to find a job. Last week I started training as a process operator in a large petrochemical plant. It's not really the sort of thing I wanted however the pay is very good and the hours suit me. I had wanted to return to emergency service work however it's a small industry and opportunities are few. So it's a five year training program for me. Seeing as I am 51 I'll be 56 before I am fully qualified. My dream job would be a heliskiing guide however the pay is not that good and it's a hard game to get into so it's making chemicals for the forseeable future, unless I can win tattslotto.

I didn't realise how other people view me (and others like me I guess). I have had several people at the plant comment on how unusual it is for the company to employ someone my age. When I did the medical the testers said I did very well - For A Man of My AGE. I guess a lot of people view a man of 51 as over the hill.