Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Last Sidecar (till I get another)

I had this outfit in the late 1990's but due to financial difficulties I had to sell. It was powered by a TZ750 I doubt I will ever get my hands on another one of those.

Monday, April 23, 2007

More Winton '75 and the late great Greg Hansford

John and me in pit lane before a race.

Another shot of Hansford. note the early mag wheels. He was a wonderful person both he and Murray Sayle would wander around the pits and have a chat with anyone who wanted to talk and ask a silly question. Great Bloke.

This is John and me coming up on an early model centre hub steering outfit. Notice how clear the racing area was. this is before you needed to have everything ok'd by insurance companies.

A Winters Day at Winton Circa 1976

The late great Greg Hansford

Your humble blogger as passenger on Yoshimura Honda 810

Friday, April 20, 2007

Telstra Rip OFF

Although I find much of this blog not that funny he occasionally gets things right and this is one of them.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our Taxes at Work

Have a look at this crap. Somehow these academic idiots got the Qld and Vic Governments to pay them for this shit. The authors are Professor Gary D Bouma (note snobby use of middle initial), Professor Sharon Pickering and Ms Anna Halafoff plus Dr Hass Dellal. I haven't time at the moment but I bet a bit of research would show them to be rabid left wing racists. Anyway they used their funds to produce this report. they interviewed 183 people (yes that's all) and guess what? They discovered that most Australians are racist and that we need to change our society so we can adapt to immigrants. Surprise surprise. How do morons like this keep getting funding? I suppose as long as we let politicians try and capture ethnic groups the problem will just get worse. The pollies don't want them to intergrate in case they start voting with their minds and not their ethnic allegiences.

The best part of the report is where they say some immigrants would feel safer in their home countries.....good send them home and everyone will feel safer.

Thanks to Kev Gillett

Stuff Academics!!!!!