Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dick Smith Supporter of Terrorists

I knew that Dick Smith was dorky multi millionaire who caused no end of air safety troubles when he was in charge of C.A.S.A. but his latest move demonstrates that he is a dill.

Here our A grade millionaire goose has given David Hicks $60,000 to help him get out of jail. The man is a anti semetic would be killer who wants to bring Australia and other countries under Islamic rule and institute sharia law. I say he is at best a prisoner of war and should be held prisoner until hostilities cease.

And Dick Smith wants to help him, either Dick has little intellectual capacity, is ignorant or agrees with Hicks. Doesn't matter there a far better causes to give 60 grand to.


maggie said...

Why is he spending money on HIcks. Does he think it makes him a good person. I know of many more worthy causes to me it is not logical.

Hicks neede no help to join the camps. He got himself into this he has to wear it. Give him his trial and keep him where he committed the crime. I for one do not want to pay taxes to keep him here in prison.

Who would give him a job. Maybe Dick Smith might employ him.

Bill Cooper said...

He is a dill Maggie but the thing that scares me is the number of morons who agree with him.

Bruce said...

I have an old American friend, one of the original Yippies - - who is now a businessman in a suit and had an appointment with Dick Smith to discuss something a few years back. He said all that mattered to Smith was the American accent, snd he formed the impression that Smith is an anti-American bigot.

Anonymous said...

"The man is a anti semetic would be killer who wants to bring Australia and other countries under Islamic rule and institute sharia law"

Oh dear... and how do you know this? Has David Hicks said that? Is that a direct quote? Or is that your own personal opinion regarding a person you have never met? How dare Dick Smith disagree with your opinion! Off to Guantanamo Bay for him...!!

sfw said...

Dear Anonymous check out this link -,25197,22957532-5001561,00.html these are Hicks own words. Please read them carefully and let me know what you think.

Thanks SFW

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, completely convinced by that! Mentions of imposing Sharia law in Australia: 0. Mentions of imposing Sharia law in other countries: 0. In fact, mentions of Sharia law: 0! I think, given the man's poor grasp of the English language, that he is hardly the guiding light behind a vast global terrorism network. The point about David Hicks, and one you have failed to even acknowledge, is that, regardless of what you think of the man (and I am no supporter by the way), if he was "the worst of the worst" - as those held at Guantanamo Bay were meant to be - why were the Americans unable to charge him with anything at all for 5 years, and, when he was convicted, why was he released after only a few months in detention? Clearly, the answer is that he isn't the worst of the worst. Clealy, the answer is that he is a not very bright young man who was silly enough to get caught up in something way bigger than him at entirely the wrong moment in history. You say Hicks is a prisoner of war? Then why was his time at Guantanamo Bay in contravention of the rights of prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention? David Hicks has been the victim of a vast miscarriage of justice, which you seem to be happy to sit by and condone because you've taken a dislike to the man. To quote Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

sfw said...

Dear Anonymous

"There is one thing I wish to explain about jihad the non-believers, Jews and Americans in the western world are determined to prevent it to come back again. Jihad is still valid today and will be for all time. The West is full of poison. The western society is controlled by the Jews with music, TV, houses, cars, free sex takes Muslims away from the true Islam keeps Islam week and in the third world."

If you cannot see that is a call for Sharia Law well you are even thicker than your comments show you as. Peel the wool from your eyes and see the world as it is. As for you either post with your name or don't bother posting at all.