Monday, February 05, 2007

Australian Hobby Falcon Sighting Melbourne

Last year I noticed a falcon around my area, I saw it a few times carrying prey it had caught and once eating a bird. I thought it was one bird however it may have been a pair. Since just before christmas there have been four falcons in the vicinity, They play and hunt all day and you can either hear or see them nearly anytime. That's why I think that what I thought was one bird was probably a breeding pair, they now have their young. I suppose that sometime soon the young ones will leave and seek their own territory. At first I thought they were peregrine falcons however according to my bird book they are Australian Hobby Falcons. I don't know how common they are but I live 10km from the centre of Melbourne and they seem quite happy here.

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dogs breath said...

i have many birds in an avaiary and where i live they are abundant. its wonderful therapy watching and feeding these creatures of the wild. enjoy your watching