Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dick Smith Supporter of Terrorists

I knew that Dick Smith was dorky multi millionaire who caused no end of air safety troubles when he was in charge of C.A.S.A. but his latest move demonstrates that he is a dill.

Here our A grade millionaire goose has given David Hicks $60,000 to help him get out of jail. The man is a anti semetic would be killer who wants to bring Australia and other countries under Islamic rule and institute sharia law. I say he is at best a prisoner of war and should be held prisoner until hostilities cease.

And Dick Smith wants to help him, either Dick has little intellectual capacity, is ignorant or agrees with Hicks. Doesn't matter there a far better causes to give 60 grand to.

Friday, February 16, 2007

More good stuff from the US

The first clip is via Right Wing Death Bogan -

The second from the Observation Deck -

To me they show a group of young men and women who are serving their country and if required would die for it. It shows how they are normal likeable people doing a hard lonely dangerous job but making the most of it and keeping in touch with their riends and life back home.
This is good, at last a comedian prepared to laugh at Islam.
Via -

Monday, February 05, 2007

Australian Hobby Falcon Sighting Melbourne

Last year I noticed a falcon around my area, I saw it a few times carrying prey it had caught and once eating a bird. I thought it was one bird however it may have been a pair. Since just before christmas there have been four falcons in the vicinity, They play and hunt all day and you can either hear or see them nearly anytime. That's why I think that what I thought was one bird was probably a breeding pair, they now have their young. I suppose that sometime soon the young ones will leave and seek their own territory. At first I thought they were peregrine falcons however according to my bird book they are Australian Hobby Falcons. I don't know how common they are but I live 10km from the centre of Melbourne and they seem quite happy here.