Tuesday, January 23, 2007


What is it with F*****G VOLUNTEERS ??? There has been a push to pay them a sum for 'out of pocket expenses', apparently some idiot committee has examined the issue and has said that the government (I don't know if they mean State or Commonwealth) should give them $300 per year. The same day I was listening to news radio, and sure enough they were interviewing a St Johns idiot who said that $300 a year was not enough and he would need at least $700 a year.

Why on earth should they get anything?? That is the idea of VOLUNTEERS is they give their time and energy for nothing. If they want to get money for their efforts let them charge the people who they volunteer for. If the service they provide is that important and of good quality I am sure that people will pay for it. Why should everybody else have to pay for some social friendless misfit in the CFA, St Johns or SES (I forgot lifesavers)etc to have a pretty uniform to drive around in? You will notice that it generally is people from these sort of organisations who ask other people to pay for their self esteem and social life.

You never hear the people who devote much time and energy to St Vincents, old peoples homes and many other worthy causes asking to be compensated or rewarded for their time. If the government decides to grant these dills a sum each year where will it end? Would it be restricted to the so called 'emergency' organisations? Wouldn't all community organisations be eligible for a grant? I am sure that nearly all organisations and clubs would be asking for money for their 'volunteers' and that they could justify by the benefits that their club provides to the community. Before you know it every volunteer office holder of every club and organisation in Australia will have their hands out asking the government to support their 'volunteers' it would cost a fortune with no end to the handouts.

No let the LONELY SOCIAL MISFITS continue to give their time and energy for free to pay the would only encourage them and worse it would increase their sense of self importance. Tha last thing we need is a SES volunteer thinking his work serving tea and coffee is that important that he gats paid for it.


lori said...

You must surely be joking to call CFA members misfits. Where would this country be without them, I think your comments are very unfair to the firefighters. They have never expected to be paid.However I would like to see them get some sort of tax cut for their efforts. Would you go and fight those fire.

Bill Cooper said...

Hi Lori

The fact is they do ask for money, whether it's in the form of a grant or tax relief or covering of expenses. I saw several letter s in the paper last week from volunteer firefighters and their families saying how much time and effort they put and how they should get something for it. Another CFA volunteer said his employer can no longer afford to pay for him to stay at the fires and that the goverbment should pay his employer for his time off. Why the hell should we taxpayers pay for him to get his rocks off at a fire? If we do have to pay lets pay the trained people who will do it properly without wanting to get their photo on the front of the Sun every Australia day. The government should not be spending huge amounts of money to bring in overseas firefighters either. They are really here on a busmans holiday, they have no idea of our local conditions and it's really only a PR exercise.

As for me fighting the fires, no trouble as long as I was paid.

Anonymous said...

Old Misery Guts, you are a legend.

Of course I'm a CFA vol, and day in day out I wonder why I waste my goddamn time. Surrounded by pyromaniac attention whores constantly, who couldn't give two shits about the 'community' aspect.

However, for your consideration is our wonderful friends at region headquarters. In my opinion, they rank as the lowest bottom dwelling rodents on the whole tree. These people treat volunteers like the wankers most of them are - like worthless yet strangely limitless pieces of junk. Maybe if they were all fired and some people (like yourself?) with a true grasp of the realities of the CFA culture took over, things would improve?

Nothing makes me more embarrassed than seeing the tossers hooting down the street in their P plate Hiluxes with mud tyres and massive aerials, complete with the CFA turnout coat mashed up against the rear window for all to see (through the liberal decoration of CFA VOLUNTEER stickers).

In short, I hate the goddamn CFA. I hate CFA volunteers. Why am I one?

Good bloody question.

Bill Cooper said...

You are spot on anonymous. You are the sort of person that is needed. I know that many CFA's are modest, skilled, hard working people who do a dirty, sometimes dangerous job for virtually nothing. Without your type Victoria would be poorer and blacker. We agree on the morons who want their faces in the paper, as for the administration..... well they probably start off with good intentions but they all eventually end up creating empires in an effort to look good (and they like exercising power for powers sake). You do need some sort of administrative structure, the question is how do you get the right people and stop them from becoming corrupted. When I say corrupted I mean in the sense that they use their positions to increase their influence or gain more promotion rather than do the job for which they were employed. Keep up the good work we need more of your type.