Monday, November 06, 2006

Obsession the Movie, will we see it in Australia?

While looking for news on the upcoming U.S. elections I came across a preview of a film called 'Obsession - Radical Islams War against the West'. From what I saw it seems to graphically demonstrate the indoctrination of young children with the elevation of suicide martyrs. It also shows the horrible, evil spouting of hate by the Islamic media. The film eventually links extreme Islam with nazi Germany, there is an analogy there. I will try and see the film if it gets released in Australia, however I doubt you will ever see a review of it in the mainstream media.


The Polarizer said...

I doubt it will get much exposure in Australia. No doubt we will see protests about the film too.

Anonymous said...

let's look in our own backyard...not all islamic people are tared with the same can be scary when people like you try to stir up trouble. God will prevail

Bruce said...

So where are these diverse Muslims, anon? Why aren't they reigning in the 1000's of Islamist thugs?

You find the discussion on this website 'scary'? Do you live in a bubble?

I dub thee Bubble Boy.

Bill Cooper said...

Thanks Bruce