Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sweden and Swedish Culture is almost dead. Which European country is next?

I said in an earlier post that Sweden had given in, what more proof do you want?

I haven't been able to find out the result of Oriana Fallaci's trial, however it doesn't make any difference she is right. Europe is well on the way to Eurabia.

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religion of pee said...

Here's a list of things that spook Muzzies:

Freakin' weird. It's way beyond superstitious! More like a bad case of OCD.

I particularly like the following:

"141. If a page from the holy Qur'an, or any sacred object like a paper on which the names of Almighty Allah or the Holy Prophet or the holy Imams are written, falls in a lavatory, it is obligatory to take it out and make it Pak with water, no matter what expenses it may entail. And, if it is not possible to take it out, the use of that lavatory should be discontinued till such time when one is certain that the page has dissolved and petered out."

So next time you visit an infested area, take a copy of the Koran (Arabic version - I don't think translations count) and whenever you feel the need, drop a page down, pee on it, but don't flush!