Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin Dead! Who Cares?

Who cares if Steve Irwin is dead, he may have been a nice genuine bloke but he was a bit of a goose. His advice to the federal minister regarding the limited hunting of saltwater crocs will probably lead to death or injury. Croc hunting almost wiped out the saltwater croc until it was banned, since then there has been a massive increase in croc numbers, they are moving further inland some have been reported as far inland as Katherine Gorge. They are also common in urban areas in the north of Australia. Unless their numbers are controlled, croc attacks will become more common. Who will explain to the victims family that the croc numbers could be controlled and that the death of their loved one is the price we pay to protect crocodiles, regardless of the number of crocs or whether they are a danger to human life.


Anonymous said...

i think most of Aus cares. Here is an icon, a genuene bloke that cares. We love Steve Irwin he is the honest bloke out there......A true Aussieu

Bill Cooper said...

You idiot !!!!