Thursday, September 21, 2006

Free Speech and our need to demand it.

I know I've been doing more linking than writing of late, but I'm tired and most of these people put words together far better than I can and I agree with most if not all they write.


Rick Darby said...


This is off-topic. I hope you won't mind.

I still have this fantasy of emigrating to Oz if the U.S. becomes yet more buggered.

Of Australia's major cities, which would you say is the most politically conservative and which the most leftist?

Most of the news stories I read about Australia's version of multi-culturalism and political correctness seem to come out of the state of Victoria. Is that impression correct?

Bill Cooper said...

Hi Rick

I am no authority on these things but I would think that Perth would be the most conservative and it would be a toss up between Melb and Sydney for the greatest number of leftist drongoes. You can email me at