Friday, August 04, 2006

The lights of Europe are going out again

Once again the lights are going out all over Europe.

Look at these sites, Sweden has given in.

Thanks to for putting it up.

Can Europe remain Europe or is it too late? If it can be saved who are the likely candidates to do the saving? Does England have the will for another bloody long fight or is there too much enemy within? Germany could do it but it would be very messy, Denmark is just too small, the central states are possible but unlikely due to a lack of resources. This has to be done from within. The rest of the free world could only offer moral and logistical support. If not get ready to see most museums shut, art destroyed, women subjugated, alchohol banned and capital and corporeal punishment back on the books.

Funny how the left has always been on the side of monsters and this time (with the odd exception) things are no different.


Rick Darby said...

Bill, Thanks for linking to my blog, Reflecting Light, for "Sweden's Suicide Note."

I see you and I were in Athens about the same time in March. You're right about the women -- they're far more beautiful than the city.

I'm interested in retiring to Oz. Is it feasible for a Yank who's not rich? Would you recommend it?

Bill Cooper said...

Thanks Rick I am not really sure how to link to other blogs etc and I didn't know exactly how to credit it so I'm glad it's ok by you. I love Oz it's a pretty good place. If you retired here would you be living on US dollars? If so the cost of living would be pretty good. As to where to live well that depends on what sort of climate you like. I live in Melbourne which is down south with cold winters (no snow) and hot summers I like it. I've never been to the US but I am attracted by the determination of most of the citzens to not have their rights removed or eroded. We are a very compliant society here.


Steve Williams (aka Bill)

Rick Darby said...


Am I correct thinking that Melbourne is Australia's "cultural capital"? That's appealing.

I've looked into Australian emigration. The standards are very strict, which I approve of except when they might affect me. To retire there you have to have something like AUS$300,000 to invest (in Oz). At least, that's the official line; I'm trying to find out if there's any flexibility or work-around.

I enjoyed reading your blog. I've bookmarked it and will check it regularly.

Bill Cooper said...

Hi Rick, I believe Melbourne is the cultural capital of Oz however I am sure some of the barbarians in Sydney would have you think otherwise. They seem to think that a bit of water a pretty buiding and a bridge qualify them as some sort of intellectuals.

Come to Melbourne and have a look, feel free to let me know and I'll show you around a bit if you want.