Friday, July 28, 2006

Female circumcision and Islam

More Moorish madness and sickness.
I know it's only one site but it seems rather authorative.
Mad sick bastards.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where are the spud guns?

I was in NZ for a few days last week, I love the place the beer is ok, it's nice and cold (snowing down to sea level) and the people are wonderful ( most of em). The women are not particularly attractive, I don't know why but it's true. Great skiing and fishing. While wandering around Christchurch I came across several shops selling "novelty" items, from trick cards to fart cushions etc. Amoung these treasures I found a good range of spud guns, it occurred to me I don't think they can be purchased in Brackistan (Vic) anymore. The rot started with the banning of crackers which was followed very quickly by the demise of bonfire night. Then the claque of do gooders ranging from 'Medical Specialists' to horrified parents started to ban everything else that a young person may derive some pleasure from.

Nearly every second kid I knew once owned a slug gun, all now gone thanks to Howards ridiculous anti gun campaign much assisted by sensation seeking media whores and a compliant opposition. We did shoot the odd sparrow and there was the odd regrettable incident here and there but looking back none of us were turned into homicidal maniacs. It makes me more than sad it makes me sick inside.

The next step? Anytime now some idiot will want to ban water pistols and some idiot politician will jump on the idea. Anyone want to take a bet that I am wrong? I am prepared to put money on it.