Monday, June 05, 2006

A Beautiful Morning at Mt Panossis

I had a very pleasant half day at Mt Panossis. It's a wide treeless bowl which gets alot of sun (and wind). Unfortunately the greeks seem to have had no plan or idea on where to place the lifts. They seem to have been randomly placed around the bowl and operate at about one third the normal speed, they also seem to have had every second chair removed which makes for long ques and incredibly slow rides. This was late in the season but the snow was good with fresh powder to be found not far off the main runs. Unfortunately it started to cloud over about 1pm, that combined with long lines and slow lifts forced and early departure.


doctor chip said...

what is this strange place....
... am I... am I DEAD ?



Bill Cooper said...

No doctor chip, you are not dead, you are very much alive. When I read your comment I thought you may have been referring to some greek myth connecting death and Mt Parnossis however my brief investigation does not support this see link .I think your comment was meant as a teaser for me to look at your strange and amusing blog.