Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sane kids, mad wife.

Just a catch up to let you know I'm not dead. It's stupid crazy at work I hate sacking people but have had to fire three this week, hate doing can't sleep well afterwards. My trip to Nepal has been cancelled, who would believe that there is no snow in the Himalayas. Well there is snow but there has not been any new snow this season so we are going to Greece instead. We will be the first people to heliski in Greece so it could be interesting. Will post photos etc when I get back. My kids are all fine and driving me mad, my wife is mad and keeping me sane.

Keep your strength up for the long war with islamofacsism. Victory is uncertain but if we don't stand now it will be too late. I just wish I had the time/courage/influence to have organised a support rally outside the Danish Consulate in Melbourne. It's probably too late now but these honest couragous people need our support. Buy Danish if you can.


Humour and last laugh said...

Hey, I am sorry that you had to call off your trip to my country. About blogging, my comments were on a lighter vein. Had we not been blogging we might never have met or shared thoughts.

So keep on blogging is what I think I shall be doing.May be we could communicate better through it. Because I want the people to read my blog and comment on it.

Humour and last laugh said...

thanks Bill. and sure, tell me when you are coming here. i will be glad to tell you the things about here that I know. By the way I hve one more blog about humour at Pl visit if you have time.