Friday, January 27, 2006

Volunteer Firefighters exposed as WANKERS

Have a look at this pair of wankers, have some people no shame? The Sun had a similiar photo last year but this is worse. I love the dirt rubbed on the faces and the flag attached to a blackened branch. People who allow photos like this to be taken of them must be so absorbed in their own self importance they can't see how ridiculous they look. Calling them heroes only compounds this farce, most volunteer (and the odd professional) firefighters, especially those in urban environments are socially challenged. The only way they can feel good about themselves to mix with other people who have no friends and have a fixation on gaining respect and self importance in their lives. Most of them will tell you it's to help society and assist people, this is merely a by product of the real reason. If they really wanted to help there is no end of charitable and similiar organisations who would love their help all year round. If you took the uniforms, flashing lights and sirens away I bet most would leave next day and join the SES - a similiar body to the CFA only worse, real desperates. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how much of a WANKER you are!!!!! These people should be praised and commended for putting their lives on the line!!! You say they only do it for the recognition, well, in this day and age when no one wants to get their hands dirty and do some freakin hard work, these people promote this type of work and instill some pride in this career. Kids respond to super hero's. Why not call brave people who risk their own lives hero's? What's wrong with that. It's ignorant people like you, who have to bring down others because you feel inadequate about yourself!!!!!

Bill Cooper said...

Dear Anonymous

You have ignored the point, that photo made those two look like wankers and if they let a photo like that be taken of them they must be wankers. I do not dispute the need for volunteer firefighters in rural areas. All over Victoria there are quite modest people who do their best to provide their community with a vital service they would not otherwise have. I bet most of those same people would have cringed in embarrassment went they saw this photo. The point is that all emergency services attract a section of the community who do it for the wrong reasons. They do it for the lights, sirens, power and a feeling of self importance. They may be brave but that does not mean they are doing it for the right motives. The trouble with people like that is that they tend to overstate and understate the danger they are occasionally placed in. Why do volunteer fire services have high death and injury rates? Because they put themselves in precarious situations just to save a paddock of grass with gung ho idiots. Other times they hang round the edges of the action and then rub dirt on their face and go home and say how hairy it was. Every year you can count on death and injury amoung volunteer firefighters not because they were doing life saving work, but just being irresponsible with their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Have a look at the level of arson amoung the volunteer firefighters the rate is hundreds of times higher than the general community. All I am saying is that many should not be riding fire trucks and that photo demonstrates that.

Neandros said...

This is so true.. Where i am from (Middle Tennessee Area) the volunteer fire fighters are incompetent rednecks (Who have an odd obsession of fire) who give a false sense of security of safety in the event of a fire..

sfw said...

I Neandros, it;s sad but true, many (not all) volunteers are really not suited to the task. I must admit there are a few professionals who are also a bit dodgy but they are few and far between.