Friday, January 13, 2006

Dumb women and abortion and contraception

Where I work we have about 80 employees, it is mainlyt semi skilled work and a large percentage of the workforce are female, they range from 17 to 50 something years old. They are in general good natured people of limited education and desire. I get on pretty good with nearly everyone although it can be difficult to maintaina conversation longer than five minutes. What I can't understand and find distressing is the attitude of many of the women. At the moment we have two young women who are pregnant. One is 17 she isn't sure which of two men is the father, the other is 19 and stunningly gorgeous she has a steady boyfriend who is the father. Both are going to have abortions. I am not a religious person, I was bought up a catholic progressed to being aganostic and now am a declared atheist. I still don't like the idea of abortion. The well documented long term mental harm it causes to the mother is in itself enough to limit abortion to only the most extreme cases, when you add in the large numbers of couples desperate to adopt children surely most pregnancies could be carried through.

The thing that gets to me the most though - WHY IN THIS DAY AND AGE DO WOMEN HAVE UNWANTED PREGNANCIES ANYWAY?????? Contraception advice and methods have never been so freely available. Sex education is compulsory, condoms can be bought anywhere and the pill is easily obtainable, There is no social taboo in obtaining these things. So why are all these dumb stupid women getting pregnant and having abortions???? I don't get it I know that there is the occasional failure of contraception but that doesn't even come close to accounting for a fraction of the abortions performed. Is it just dumb stupid sluts who are too lazy to look after themselves ??? The pity is we will all pay in the long term but those who have the abortions will pay the heaviest price.


Anonymous said...

DOES THE MALE NOT PLAY ANY PART IN GETTING A WOMAN PREGNANT???????? Of course it is always the "sluts" fault. A man just lays there without having to worry about anything. The woman is the one who has to carry it for 9 months, feed it, care for it, while the man can quite easily pack his bags and leave. At least these girls you know are not bringing a child into this world which they obviously cannot care for, financially or emotionally. Abortion is NOT the easy option out for "sluts", it is taking some responsibility for both themselves and the child!!!!!

Bill Cooper said...

I agree men should take more responsibility but the stupid dumb pricks don't. If the girls won't make them take precautions who will? I am not against abortion per se, I just think most abortions are avoidable. If only we can make the dumb sluts and stupid pricks see that and doi the right thing.