Friday, January 27, 2006

Volunteer Firefighters exposed as WANKERS

Have a look at this pair of wankers, have some people no shame? The Sun had a similiar photo last year but this is worse. I love the dirt rubbed on the faces and the flag attached to a blackened branch. People who allow photos like this to be taken of them must be so absorbed in their own self importance they can't see how ridiculous they look. Calling them heroes only compounds this farce, most volunteer (and the odd professional) firefighters, especially those in urban environments are socially challenged. The only way they can feel good about themselves to mix with other people who have no friends and have a fixation on gaining respect and self importance in their lives. Most of them will tell you it's to help society and assist people, this is merely a by product of the real reason. If they really wanted to help there is no end of charitable and similiar organisations who would love their help all year round. If you took the uniforms, flashing lights and sirens away I bet most would leave next day and join the SES - a similiar body to the CFA only worse, real desperates. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 13, 2006

Dumb women and abortion and contraception

Where I work we have about 80 employees, it is mainlyt semi skilled work and a large percentage of the workforce are female, they range from 17 to 50 something years old. They are in general good natured people of limited education and desire. I get on pretty good with nearly everyone although it can be difficult to maintaina conversation longer than five minutes. What I can't understand and find distressing is the attitude of many of the women. At the moment we have two young women who are pregnant. One is 17 she isn't sure which of two men is the father, the other is 19 and stunningly gorgeous she has a steady boyfriend who is the father. Both are going to have abortions. I am not a religious person, I was bought up a catholic progressed to being aganostic and now am a declared atheist. I still don't like the idea of abortion. The well documented long term mental harm it causes to the mother is in itself enough to limit abortion to only the most extreme cases, when you add in the large numbers of couples desperate to adopt children surely most pregnancies could be carried through.

The thing that gets to me the most though - WHY IN THIS DAY AND AGE DO WOMEN HAVE UNWANTED PREGNANCIES ANYWAY?????? Contraception advice and methods have never been so freely available. Sex education is compulsory, condoms can be bought anywhere and the pill is easily obtainable, There is no social taboo in obtaining these things. So why are all these dumb stupid women getting pregnant and having abortions???? I don't get it I know that there is the occasional failure of contraception but that doesn't even come close to accounting for a fraction of the abortions performed. Is it just dumb stupid sluts who are too lazy to look after themselves ??? The pity is we will all pay in the long term but those who have the abortions will pay the heaviest price.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Suicide is Painless (So they say)

On Boxing Day, a workmate who I have known for 16 years and worked alongside for 5 years walked out to his garage after lunch and hanged himself. He was a good man with a wife and two teenage kids, a boy and a girl. No reasons have been revealed as to why he chose to do this. There was trouble between he and his wife, he wasn't a player but I suppose he could have been hard to live with at times, who isn't? His suicide and method of doing it is something I find difficult to come to grips with. Over the years we have both been to several suicides, the most unpleasant being hangings, he would have known well what he was doing and the effect it would have on those who knew him. He obviously had a message for all of us who knew him in the manner of his death, I am not sure what that message is, I can speculate as most of us are who knew him. But I will never know for certain.

In my first marraige there were many times when things were very bad that I wished I was dead. Sometimes it was so strong that I found myself standing next to the railway line tossing up whether to jump in front of a train. I never did thank heavens but at times it was touch and go. What stopped me each time were the children, the effect in both the short and long term would be devastating. It would effect them for the rest of their lives and they didn't deserve that. So no matter how bad I would put my head down and work harder than ever to keep the family together. It didn't work but I probably got another 5 years together for them. I think it helped, when things were finally unrepairable - She was prepared to lie about so many things to get me out- I left. Even with a 70/30 property split (thats why I hate lawyers) and the punitive child support I managed to through hard work, and a determination not to let the kids down any further to get a house and stability in their lives again. Now all four of them live with me as well as my 2nd wife and our two kids. It's crowded and crazy at times but overall it works.

I am so glad I never took that step in front of a train. They say that suicide is painless, well maybe for the suicidee but I am certain the pain will last forever for those left behind.