Thursday, December 08, 2005

Early Dec 2005

Well my 18yo son is in Qld with his mates on the Gold coast doing God knows what, hope he keeps out of trouble and doesn't fall for a beautiful girl from another state. His twin sister is with her friends at Lorne again I hope they have enough sense to keep out of trouble. The 20yo is looking for another job I trying to talk her into finishing her tafe course or doing another that suits her more. The 16yo he is starting year 11 next year and has an induction day at his senior school in North Melbourne. The 3yo girl is beautiful like her sisters and like all kids her age is just funny and gorgeous and loving (most of the time). The 2yo redhead boy is trouble all over but very affectionate. Red hair and curls all the old ladies love him. My wife is finally getting better all the time and slowly losing weight.

As for me well I don't like my new work but it pays well and the rewards should be good in a couple of years. I am riding my bike to work most days about 30k return. I must get fit for Nepal in Feb, no use spending all this money to not ski as much as possible.

Politically I think things are good, I have a couple of reservations about the governments workplace laws, however each day I am grateful that that lunatic Latham did not win the election. Margo Kingston has shut down her webdiary, pity it was worth a laugh to see so many morons put down their ill thought views in public.

Thats all I miss some of my old friends I will try and catch up one day soon.

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