Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Kids, bush and cakes

My two 18yo kids have finally finished school. The girl wants to go on with further education but the boy wants an apprenticeship as an electrician or plumber. I don't really mind what they choose as long as it gets them a good job. The 16yo, well he is a normal kid and just drives me up the wall. My wife is slowly improving it is a long process but it is happening.

The weather in Melbourne has been as good as it gets this last week. The pool gets plenty of use. I have been looking at buying a place up the bush for a holiday home. Last weekend I was in the Kiewa Valley it is probably (to me) the best place in Australia. There is a bloke of 20 acres, 10 cleared and 10 bush, it has 300 chestnut trees and a 1 room dwelling on it. It has a small permanent creek and great views across the valley. I really like it but as usual the owner thinks it is worth more than it really is, about $100,000 more. I am going to make a low offer and see what happens.

I am off to sin city on thursday for half a day. We are getting a new machine made there and I need to look at it. It is a special cake line that will do about 1,500 cakes and hour. All going well we should have it running by the end of feb. I will get some photos of the place up bush on soon.