Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Zealand land of ugly women

My twins (a boy and a girl) turned 18 last week. New Zealand was good fun however it was the worst year for snow in the last 40. We didn't get a lot of skiing in until the last day when we went heliskiing with Methven Heli. It was a beautiful sunny day, the snow was good because they ski the ranges nearer the west coast which are higher and get more precipitation. There is NOTHING better than heliskiing.

The other wonder of New Zealand is how unattractive the women are. Good looking women are few and far between, I don't know whether it is the inbreeding, the food or the climate or something else, the bulk of the female population is remarkably plain. Can anyone name a NZ woman known for her beauty? Don't say Rachel Hunter, I have never thought of her as beautiful I always thought she looked a little skewiff in the face, Rod Stewart must need glasses. Asides from her there is nobody. Helen need to say anying else. It's a peculiar thing how some women have rotten teeth. Where I walk there a number of women who are lovely charming creatures, however they prefer the company of women and enjoy womens cricket and the such. Well they all have rotten teeth as well, I have a theory as to why their teeth go bad but perhaps this is not the place for it, what people do in the privacy of the boudoir is their business.

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