Thursday, October 20, 2005

Last week

My 18yo daughter had her year twelve graduation last night. It was a formal affair at a reception centre. She looked beautiful. Only three more to go and I can rest a bit. Bracks the thief and his government are driving me and most other Victorians up the wall, but the opposition is a shambles and there is no alternative at the moment. With a bit of luck the Libs may get their act together before the next election.

I have bitten the bullet and have booked a heliski holiday in Nepal for late February. Have a look if you are interested at I am doing the Annapurna trip. Not much else going on, I was offered a trip to see Indycar racing this weekend but I declined, I hate to watch other people having fun and doing the things I would love to do. I hate being a spectator.

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