Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Well it's been very busy of late, I have been sick however as I have started to get back my energy I have been catching up on all the things I have been neglecting.

I was forced to go to another musical last week, this time it was "Dirty Dancing". I didn't like the movie and I don't like the stage show. It wasn't bad and had some good moments but went for about an hour too long. The girls were gorgeous and I fell in love with several of them. The men.... well they were mostly gay or not far from it.

The skiing at Falls was pretty good, I would go again this week but I have a 50th birthday to go to on saturday night. An old friend called Danny is having his party at a place called Kevington, I don't know why. Kevington is a remote country town with a pub and a couple of houses. It has good fishing in the summer but is just plain cold and miserable in winter. But I have to go.

My 17yo old son did his right shoulder at footy on saturday so an operation is likely for him. Serves him right. Three and a half weeks till I am off to NZ for break. I am going with my youngest brother, we will spend time at Ohau and Wanaka and probably do a days heliskiing as well. The next big trip will probably be to Niseko in Japan for the skiing there. I really want to go to a place in Russia called Kamchakta but I would need about three weeks and a lot of money, oh well one day.

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