Saturday, August 27, 2005

Three Weeks

A couple of Saturday nights ago I went to an old friends 50th birthday, he had it at a place called Kevington in Victoria. In summer Kevington is a beautiful place with a pub that backs directly onto the Goulburn river, it is popular with fishermen and others who like the mountain scenery and peace and quite. In winter Kevington is a cold miserable place in a narrow valley and is damp and uncomfortable. The birthday wasn't bad there were about 50 people there mainly friends and acquaintances made in the last few years, except for one or two people there weren't many that I knew well. The publican didn't want us there, I overheard him telling the local customers (there were 3 of them) that we were parasites. I don't know why, perhaps he didn't like being busy for a change.

Before the party I zipped up to Mt Buller for an afternoons skiing, now that made the weekend better. After the party on the Sunday morning I found out that my brother was in Albury hospital with tonsillitis. He was in intensive care for 3 days as it turned out, so we went from Kevington to Albury for a flying visit. He recovered well and is now back at work. Last Saturday I managed to get up to Falls Creek for another day, coming back to Melbourne that night I left Falls at 5pm and was back in Melbourne at 8.30pm not bad time for 350km.

Tonight (Saturday) I am at work I have to catch up on a few jobs, I did try to ring an old friend for a chat however I must of had the wrong number, a man answered it as Karens Restaurant. Either that or they have opened a restaurant. Next Saturday (3rd) my brother and I are off to NZ for a week we be skiing the South Island probably Mt Potts and Ohau with a heliski day as well. A miserable old man has to have some fun.

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