Saturday, July 30, 2005

Almost Normal

Well I am starting to get well, so a little of what is happening in my world. We are off to Bendigo today for an engagement party, she was engaged before but it broke up several years ago. We gave a present the first time and apparently we are going to give another, against my wishes but I generally lose these arguments. The weather in Melbourne has been pretty good and the business is making many cakes - about 45000 a week. I am off to Falls next weekend, will take some photos and post them.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Getting Crook

I hate to sound like a whinger but it started about two weeks ago. First Ideveloped a bad cold which was normal at the start however it seemed to get worse and worse. Last Saturday morning I woke in agony I thought my head would explode. I ended up at the dentist with an abcess on a tooth she fixed it temporarily and now I need an expensive root canal (what a horrible expression). Then I caught the flu which is now starting to get better. Anyway that's all it was just horrible I rarely get ill. I am off for an early night will post soon.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Kids and work

Well where do I start? First my 19 yo daughter has given up her tertiary course and is part time waitressing at the local pub. If it was up to me I would give her the following options -1 Move out, - 2 Get a full time job or 3 go back to study. Unfortunately she just stays at her mothers place and does what she wants. I don't understand it, I started work at 16 and have never stopped, it can't be good for the soul to live like she does. I just hope the other kids do more with their lives. The rest of the brood are all doing normal things for their stage in life, I know that they will probably disappoint me but not working and studying is a recipe for relying on other people to support you. At the moment I working 60 hours plus a week, I am hopeful that it will reduce soon and things will get back to normal. The problem is that the business is going very well at the moment we now have 70 employees because of this rapid expansion we need to organise ourselves better. We are doing this but it takes time and money. Next week it's off to Falls Creek for a couple of days.