Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Whats been happening

I haven't posted for some time now due to work. The saturday of the Queens birthday weekend I had to do a rush delivery to Sydney up and back in the truck in one day. Last Sunday we went to Sydney again to look at the new donut shop at the Blacktown Woolworths. On top of that we have taken on another cake order and have to make 10,000 a night. On top of that the normal crap with six kids and not getting any sleep just wears one down. Hopefully might get a day on the snow soon. Good cold weather here in Melbourne.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Virginia Trioli thinks she is a journalist.

Got stuck in someone elses car tonight and had to listen to Virginia Trioli on 774 /3LO. I was amazed she actually let other people who didn't agree with her have a bit of a say. Like nearly all presenters on 774 she is extremely biased to the left and at the same time seems to be completely unaware of this. Thats what happens when you live ,work and read in narrow circles. The thing that got me most when she was discussing journalists, for some unknown reason she considers herself one. She is a radio presenter for heavens sake. She gets on the air delivers a show, tailored to a select audience and then deludes herself that she is some form of journalist. She and her station compatriots are no better than Kasey Kasem or Frasier Crane. Radio personalities perhaps but not journalists.

One thing much in her favour - She barracks for CARLTON. So nearly all is forgiven.