Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Schappelle has caused me to upset people

I thought I better write a few lines here, I have recently put forward my view on the Schappelle Corby case on Tim Blairs Spleenville. Unfortunately and as usual I seem to upset people by asking questions. All I did was to point out that in Corbys case it seems highly unlikely that a distributor of dope in Australia would go to all that trouble just to move some from Brisbane to Sydney. It would require corrupt baggage handlers at each end and possibly assistance in rostering and maybe security. All up it would need good organisational skills and several people, all this to move 4.5 kg of dope 500 miles! Wouldn't you just put it in your car and drive it yourself or get a friend to? Also, if you had a bag with a boogie board and flippers in it wouldn't you notice it was considerably heavier when you picked it up? If you had a relative with a surf shop why even take your own board ? Surely they would lend you one. What else haven't we heard? Who was she married to? How often did she go to Bali? Where did she get her money from? Many many questions.

I bet if she was not an attractive 'Beauty school student' but a middle aged pock marked male she would not get nearly as sympathetic attention as she is at the moment. There is a Victorian policeman in a very dodgy legal situation in Sierra Leone at the moment and his plight is receiving very little attention, not pretty enough I guess. Well thats's off my chest now.

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