Friday, May 27, 2005

Schapelle Corby again

l my lovely wife is back from hospital so the hard work starts again. mentally she is improving though at a very slow pace, another 30 years and she may approach normality. I miss her. I have been posting a few comments on Melbourne Philosopher but it's a bit out of my league. As for the buxom attractive Schapelle, well it's sad but not unexpected. The Indonesian legal system is different than ours and in our system she would have probably been aquited. That doesn't mean she is innocent, I prefer the scottish system where a case can be found to be "Not proved" it would have been a more likely outcome. The facts remain, she had 4kgs )almost 2 house bricks) of dope in her bag. She did not notice the extra weight when she picked the bag up. The customs officials were credible witnesses. The baggage handlers in the alleged cocaine importation had arrahged for a complete suitcase to be included in the planes cargo. In the Coby case we have an unknown number of baggage handlers carrying a 4kg clear plastic bag of dope around a major airport looking for a suitable size bag to get it into. After finding one they had to get it in then contact their counterparts in Sydney to tell them which bag to get. At Sydney a number of corrupt baggage handlers would find that bag, remove a clear plastic bag with 4kg of dope and somehow remove it form a high security area. Not bloody likely when you could send it the 500 miles by road withoout any trouble at all. Am I the only one who thinks she has all this attention because of her looks?

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