Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gay Bilson

This week in The Australian there was an article about Gay Bilson and her new book, I have not read it yet but will try to get it from the local library. However the review did not look promising, but I will read it with an open mind. from the sound of it I have read a similiar book by a scottish author - Victor MacClure published in the 1950's. The reason for this blog is I thought I would republish an earlier blog I wrote on the way Ms Bilson pronounces Z.

Zee or Zed?
This morning on 'The Comfort Zone' (Radio National) one of the guests was Gay Bilson a chef with a bit of a 'name' in some circles. As with most people who appear on this show she does not realise the world she lives in is rather different than the one most australians inhabit. This however is not the reason I write. At one stage in the interview she spoke about a "whole range of things from A to Zee".ZEE???? Where the hell did that come from?She spoke with an Australian accent ( a bit plummy but still Australian). So where does she get ZEE from? The only place I have ever heard ZEE is on sesame street and some yankee TV shows. From the sound of it Gay is a mature woman and I would assume that her schooling like very other Australians schooling, would have had ZED at the end of the alphabet.Am I being pedantic here? I am definately not anti american however I do wish that we could hang onto the little things that make us different. There are so many that are starting to creep in to our life and it seems that nobody notices or cares. Here are a few.Was registration number now - licence plateWas lemonade - now sodaWas barracking - now rooting (if I had used that my dad would have belted me)Where did Halloween and Valentines day come from? When I was a teenager the only place I had ever heard of them was in comics such as Archie or Dennis the Menace etc.There are so many more I probably have taken a few on board without even realising (notice I spelled that with an S the yanks use Z). What is to be done if anything

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