Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Look?

Just trying to change a few things on the way this works. More testes.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

What do I do about Cilla?

What do I do about the dog? I don't have any time for animals. Either they are useful or they are not. Our stupid black lab is called Cilla. I didn't want her, but against my wishes we got a dog. She is now 6 years old. I am the only one her feeds or walks her, like most dogs the people who wanted her have better things to do so I pick up the slack. Today I spent an hour picking up her turds, great way to spend a Sunday arvo. If I could I would have her put down, but I can't. She is neglected and wants more company. I try to give her what she needs howeVer I then find that she digs up the garden and craps on the pathways and pulls the washing off the line. I can't leave anything outside without her destroying it. I know she does'nt mean it, she is bored. What do I do? I didn't want her, but I feed and care for her. I can't put her down. I can't give her away, who wants a 6 year old dog? I guess I will put up with it until she dies. Apparently labs normally only last about 10 years, I hope so.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Schapelle Corby again

l my lovely wife is back from hospital so the hard work starts again. mentally she is improving though at a very slow pace, another 30 years and she may approach normality. I miss her. I have been posting a few comments on Melbourne Philosopher but it's a bit out of my league. As for the buxom attractive Schapelle, well it's sad but not unexpected. The Indonesian legal system is different than ours and in our system she would have probably been aquited. That doesn't mean she is innocent, I prefer the scottish system where a case can be found to be "Not proved" it would have been a more likely outcome. The facts remain, she had 4kgs )almost 2 house bricks) of dope in her bag. She did not notice the extra weight when she picked the bag up. The customs officials were credible witnesses. The baggage handlers in the alleged cocaine importation had arrahged for a complete suitcase to be included in the planes cargo. In the Coby case we have an unknown number of baggage handlers carrying a 4kg clear plastic bag of dope around a major airport looking for a suitable size bag to get it into. After finding one they had to get it in then contact their counterparts in Sydney to tell them which bag to get. At Sydney a number of corrupt baggage handlers would find that bag, remove a clear plastic bag with 4kg of dope and somehow remove it form a high security area. Not bloody likely when you could send it the 500 miles by road withoout any trouble at all. Am I the only one who thinks she has all this attention because of her looks?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Schappelle has caused me to upset people

I thought I better write a few lines here, I have recently put forward my view on the Schappelle Corby case on Tim Blairs Spleenville. Unfortunately and as usual I seem to upset people by asking questions. All I did was to point out that in Corbys case it seems highly unlikely that a distributor of dope in Australia would go to all that trouble just to move some from Brisbane to Sydney. It would require corrupt baggage handlers at each end and possibly assistance in rostering and maybe security. All up it would need good organisational skills and several people, all this to move 4.5 kg of dope 500 miles! Wouldn't you just put it in your car and drive it yourself or get a friend to? Also, if you had a bag with a boogie board and flippers in it wouldn't you notice it was considerably heavier when you picked it up? If you had a relative with a surf shop why even take your own board ? Surely they would lend you one. What else haven't we heard? Who was she married to? How often did she go to Bali? Where did she get her money from? Many many questions.

I bet if she was not an attractive 'Beauty school student' but a middle aged pock marked male she would not get nearly as sympathetic attention as she is at the moment. There is a Victorian policeman in a very dodgy legal situation in Sierra Leone at the moment and his plight is receiving very little attention, not pretty enough I guess. Well thats's off my chest now.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gay Bilson

This week in The Australian there was an article about Gay Bilson and her new book, I have not read it yet but will try to get it from the local library. However the review did not look promising, but I will read it with an open mind. from the sound of it I have read a similiar book by a scottish author - Victor MacClure published in the 1950's. The reason for this blog is I thought I would republish an earlier blog I wrote on the way Ms Bilson pronounces Z.

Zee or Zed?
This morning on 'The Comfort Zone' (Radio National) one of the guests was Gay Bilson a chef with a bit of a 'name' in some circles. As with most people who appear on this show she does not realise the world she lives in is rather different than the one most australians inhabit. This however is not the reason I write. At one stage in the interview she spoke about a "whole range of things from A to Zee".ZEE???? Where the hell did that come from?She spoke with an Australian accent ( a bit plummy but still Australian). So where does she get ZEE from? The only place I have ever heard ZEE is on sesame street and some yankee TV shows. From the sound of it Gay is a mature woman and I would assume that her schooling like very other Australians schooling, would have had ZED at the end of the alphabet.Am I being pedantic here? I am definately not anti american however I do wish that we could hang onto the little things that make us different. There are so many that are starting to creep in to our life and it seems that nobody notices or cares. Here are a few.Was registration number now - licence plateWas lemonade - now sodaWas barracking - now rooting (if I had used that my dad would have belted me)Where did Halloween and Valentines day come from? When I was a teenager the only place I had ever heard of them was in comics such as Archie or Dennis the Menace etc.There are so many more I probably have taken a few on board without even realising (notice I spelled that with an S the yanks use Z). What is to be done if anything

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Lots of Donuts

Well it's been busy as usual, the donut machine is just about up and running we are doing trials at the moment and should start production next week. My beautiful wife is still in hospital fighting her inner demons, I hate to see her like this but there is nothing I can do. She is getting the best help and support but it doesn't make it any easier for her or us.

Melbourne had its warmest April on record and it was magnificent, however it looks like the cooler weather is on its way now. My mortgage is now up to $450,000 I have stopped worrying about it I let the bank worry now. Tonight after visiting at the hospital I will sit down with a whisky and start on the second volume of George Orwells colected essays and letters 1942 to 1943. He has a startling self honesty in his writing I wish I could come close to it. However sometimes it is difficult to continue ones thoughts all the way to a conclusion as it may be an unpleasant conclusion, so occassionally I stop thinking where it becomes uncomfortable to continue further. Its been like that of late.