Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Three Score and Ten

The bible gives the length of a mans life as 3 score and 10, well so I am led to believe, as I haven't read the book in any detail I will assume it's true. Well I recently turned 49, I have about 21 years left with a bit of luck. From where I am it doesn't seem much time. When I was 16 I thought 21 was so far in the future I couldn't imagine it. Now 21 years seems so short.

Sixteen was a strange time, I had just finished 5 years schooling at an all male school, I was obsessed with girls but had never even spoken to one much less kissed one. I could not even imagine one day having sex. I did eventually kiss a girl when I was 18 it wasn't much of a kiss and neither her or me were particularly I guess it was ok, I really can't remember it very well. Life has gone on since then, there has been 2 weddings, one divorce and 6 kids. There have been more women in between than I care to think about, all that I fretted over at 16 has been more than achieved. There is still some unfinished business with one special person, but there may not be enough time.

21 years to go with luck.

I am still amazed where life has taken me, but there are still so many things to do and places to see and people to meet, ideas to think, weddings, parties, skiing, fishing, relaxing, talking, life. 21 years.......................................

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