Thursday, March 31, 2005


I often get people asking me if I miss being a firefighter, it's a difficult question to answer in some ways. I don't miss the work- hard, hot, cold, dirty, sad, often dangerous work, who would miss it? I have made a few good friends over the years, but I still see them, so those relationships still exist. What I do miss is the camaraderie. Working with someone else in an uncomfortable situation, sometimes for several days causes strong bonds to develop between people who otherwise would be no more than aquaintances.

There are men who I dislike on a personal level, however I feel a bond of kinship with them that can't be recreated in a 'normal' working life. When I have worked with people that I would be mates with under normal circumstances, that bond is so much stronger. I guess I will never again be in a position to be with people under similiar circumstances, and I think it's that thought that makes me miss the times I did. But you can't go back so I will see what the future brings.

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