Thursday, February 10, 2005

Politics and the suburban boy

Since I was in my early twenties I have been interested in politics, over the years I have been scornful of most of our politicians. Many of them appear to be people of limited intellect combined with an inability to give a straight answer. All the same I have been attracted to politics, it is the only way to sort out problems without resorting to violence, well most of the time. Now this is where I start to sound silly, even though I am attracted to politics I have been unsure as to which party I prefer. Neither side has ownership of truth and both sides have some policies that are attractive for me.

So after many years I have finally joined a political party. The Liberal Party. What did it for me in the end was the faction system. All parties have a form of faction where people of a similiar mind come together, however the Labor system of having to join a faction and being bound by that faction is repugnant to me. The strict factional system stifles freedom of thought and produces politicians who owe their loyalty first to the faction and then their party and then the people.

Another major factor for me is the makeup of Labor it seems that nearly all the Labor MP's are either ex unionists, party staffers, teachers or lawyers. Except for some of the unionists who would want the rest of that lot for companions?

So it's out in the open now, I don't know how long I will last before I get downhearted and resign over some principle however the Liberal party seems to tolerate dissenting opinions so I may last some time.

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