Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Can't feel at home in Sydney

Against my wishes I was forced to go to Sydney last weekend and see the Lion King (more of that later). For the moment I will dell on Sydney itself.

How can any normal hetrosexual male feel comfortable there? The place is riddled with young men with hairless torsos parading in the streets. The clothes they wear, their attitude, their overt display of sexuality is disturbing. Why do they do it? I am not homophobic, (which means fear of) I don't care much either way what they do at home. I just don't like them parading through the city like peacocks in display. Like most peacocks the beauty doesn't last and what is left in its place?

More on the Sydney trip soon, with a bit of luck I will never set foot in the place again.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Politics and the suburban boy

Since I was in my early twenties I have been interested in politics, over the years I have been scornful of most of our politicians. Many of them appear to be people of limited intellect combined with an inability to give a straight answer. All the same I have been attracted to politics, it is the only way to sort out problems without resorting to violence, well most of the time. Now this is where I start to sound silly, even though I am attracted to politics I have been unsure as to which party I prefer. Neither side has ownership of truth and both sides have some policies that are attractive for me.

So after many years I have finally joined a political party. The Liberal Party. What did it for me in the end was the faction system. All parties have a form of faction where people of a similiar mind come together, however the Labor system of having to join a faction and being bound by that faction is repugnant to me. The strict factional system stifles freedom of thought and produces politicians who owe their loyalty first to the faction and then their party and then the people.

Another major factor for me is the makeup of Labor it seems that nearly all the Labor MP's are either ex unionists, party staffers, teachers or lawyers. Except for some of the unionists who would want the rest of that lot for companions?

So it's out in the open now, I don't know how long I will last before I get downhearted and resign over some principle however the Liberal party seems to tolerate dissenting opinions so I may last some time.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Not waving....drowning

Sometime in the summer of 1975, in an effort to help someone else I overestimated my fitness and almost died. Point Roadnight is a beautiful beach a couple of kilometres past Anglesea, there is a carpark with a short path down to the right side of the beach. I assume it is still much the same though it is many years since I last stopped there. At that time I had a beautiful girlfriend, she was 19, big brown eyes, long dark hair, large breasts, long legs.... well I could go on but I am sure you get the idea. Being a typical self absorbed 19 year old male I took life as it came and never quite realised how fortunate I was.

Well it was one of those great summer days not too hot, not too windy, just right for the beach and a bit of bodysurfing. We had settled ourselves about a 100 metres down the beach and were lolling around, when a group of what in those days were called 'New Australians'came down from the carpark and set up in front of the carpark, there were maybe two or three families with a number of children. Where they laid their towels seemed to most people nearby an unusual choice, there is a shallow reef running almost straight out from the beach there, it is exposed at low tide. There was also a large sign saying not to swim in this location as there are dangerous rips. It was around this sign that they had laid their towels and picnic gear around.

I wasn't the only one who noticed this and several people were watching the group. What could we do? If someone had gone over and advised them to move down the beach, they probably would have been abused or even physically threatened us, the people had a southern meditteranean appearance and probably would not have recieved advice well. So nothing was said.

Tthe children in the group were eager to swim, however they had to eat first. After the group had sat down and eaten, the parents stood the children up and sent them into the water, sure enough there was a strong rip that day and within a few seconds it was obvious that the children were being dragged out from the shore. There were I think five children, as the rip ran along the edge of the reef two children managed to swim to it and get out of the water, which left three in trouble. A man aged somewhere in his twenties ran in the water and started to swim out to the other children, without thinking I did the same. We got to two children who weren't far out and helped them onto the reef, where by this time other people had started to gather. We then swam out to the last child who by this stage was about a 100 metres offshore. We got to the child - funny I can't remember if it was a girl or a boy, and taking it in turns started to bring the girl (I think it was a girl) back to shore.

We had to head for the shore as the current had taken us someway from the reef. After about five minutes we were about 5 metres from the shore when I suddenly realised that I could go no further, I had no strength left at all, my arms and legs were useless and I was having difficulty keeping my head above water. The other man took the child to shore and I tried to get there. It was a terrible feeling I could feel the sand beneath my feet, yet I had not the strength to stand up and the undertow was starting to pull me back out. My girlfriend was standing on the shore about five metres away looking at me in the water. I waved at her for help, she smiled and waved back!. Fortunately she realised that something was wrong, she waded out to me and took some of my weight, the water was only up to her waist, but I was too weak to stand on my own. She helped me to the shore where after I rested for ten minutes I felt fine again.

As for the kids who were dragged out, well their parents took them back to the picnic spot yelled at them and continued the picnic. They pointedly ignored everone who helped and ate their food and drank their drinks. Not a skerrick of concern for the kids or anyone else, I hope I have never been as uncaring or as selfish as those people that day.

As for the beautiful girlfriend, well perhaps when I look at the way I acted towards her I was a selfish uncaring person without realising it at the time. She found better things to do without me.