Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dumb Decisions

Rather than go into detail on all the dumb decisions I have made I will make a list of as many as I can think of for the moment. Later on I may expand on some of them. This list is by no means complete it has only those that came to me last night.

Using paint stripper and not having a brush so I used my hands instead, I was about 15 at the time and when all the skin started to come off my hands I thought I had leprosy.

Leaving school in year 10

Having the choice of several apprenticeships and taking a trainee technician job with Telecom.

Not dancing with a girl I liked at the year 10 formal after she asked me. (She never spoke to me again).

Not asking K to marry me.

Not going to Qld to talk but going to Papua New Guinea to work.

Leaving Papua New Guinea just as I started to like the place.

Quitting my job as a tour guide.

Buying my first business.

Getting married to J.

Not joining the police force (I didn't like the idea of 5 months live in training)

Trying to take the same corner at ever increasing speeds on my suzuki just to see how fast I could get around it without dropping the bike, After falling three times I worked out the maximum speed.

Trying to unblock the lawn mower while it was running. Nothing amputated luckily.

Working on live electrical equipment, because it was 'quicker'.

When I was racing motorcycles not buying the best and quickest bike I could afford, but buying a cheaper slower one. The same for sidecars.

Not checking what was on the other side of a jump at Mt Buller in 1984.

Rebuilding my own house 'to save money'.

Squinting whilst using an angle grinder to save the bother of getting the safety glasses.

Starting the car one day without checking that it was in neutral.

Not becoming involved in a business offer in the early 90's, my mate who did is now a millionaire.

Working for a plumber.

Allowing myself to cash a cheque for an friend of a friend , (he did this to several people and got two years jail).

Getting in a car with my electrician mate, he's not dangerous you just never seem to get home when he said he would get you home.

Selling my stamp collection to a kid at school for a fraction of its worth.

Selling my V8 XA ute for a clapped out fairlane to please my (then) wife.

That is about it for the moment, I am sure many people have made bigger or better mistakes but these are some of mine.

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