Monday, January 17, 2005

Death of a Dog

Each year in January I take my kids up to a place called Tawonga, for a couple of weeks at the caravan park there, it's on the banks of the Kiewa river it is a beautiful place. Unfortunately I have to work for the first week this year, so I dropped the kids there and set up the camp, left them a car and some cash till the weekend. The oldest is 19 there are two 17 year olds and a 15 year old. Overall they are pretty good kids, I am very proud of them. Anyway today I get a phone call from the oldest, she is crying. I ask what's wrong and she tells me her mother just called and their dog of 12 years has had to be put down, it has been sick for sometime but it still hurt. All the kids were upset but she was the worst. I consoled her as much as I could over the phone and she settled down a bit.

Myself, well I couldn't care less I bought the dog for the kids and looked after it most of the time till it was no longer possible, still I don't really care. I wouldn't want to see it suffer but it was just a dog. How people can get sentimental over animals is something I can't understand. People are a different matter altogether, animals should be well treated and that is about it. They provide a service, maybe food, companionship, guarding, eggs whatever. When they no longer can do their job then it's best to dispose of them humanely and get another if required.

Still, I hate to see my daughter cry.

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