Monday, January 03, 2005

Bah Humbug!!!

I agree with scrooge, christmas and all that goes with it is humbug . You spend the entire month of December purchasing gifts for people who are in want of nothing, well aware that you will be the recipient of things you have no desire to posess. When christmas day arrives, things go from bad to worse. Lunch is spent at the in-laws, they are good people, however you are surrounded by their relatives and friends none of which you know, or care to know. After a lunch too large for anyone to sensibly eat, there is the mandatory gift giving and receiving. I get given several pairs of underpants, a shirt which is always too small and to cap it off - a bottle of aftershave. I never use aftershave and if I did I certainly would not use the brand I am given. I act grateful for these unwanted items. There is then the patient waiting..... for an opportunity to escape. Finally it comes and I head for the door. only to be held up another half hour while dusty old uncles and aunts on my wifes side, either shake my hand, or kiss me, or both. It's now 3.30 pm and I am half way through the day.

An hours drive and we arrive at my mothers house. She has spent the last month preparing for today, it means a lot to her. This is the part I dread more than the inlaws. My brothers and sisters begin to arrive. We see each other frequently so there is nothing new to say. We are all tired and just want to go home and rest, but alas for my mother and fathers sake we do not. We stay......... for another large meal, we are all still sated from lunch, but so as we do not dissapoint the mother we tuck in. An hour or so after tea there is a gift giving which is hosted by father christmas. He (we take turns sometimes he is a female) gives out gifts, one for each of us. My mother allocates the drawing of names for who buys for who. There is a limit of $30 and woe to anyone whose gift is either above or below this mark. Pure stress. About 8.30pm it's escape time I see my chance take a quick getaway and leave. At home the kids are put to bed, the whisky is put on ice and I put my feet up and rest.

Boxing Day relief! It is over for another year.

Hope 2005 is good for you .

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