Friday, January 28, 2005


I have been away with the kids for a couple of days and only got back this afternoon, we were at a place called Mt Beauty, it is a lovely area in Nth east Victoria well worth a visit. Other than that I haven't much to say at the moment except that we all have special times and days in our lives. I personally don't think much about birthdays, I have had too many. However it is always nice to have your birthday remembered. A very special friend of mine turns 49 today, I wish her the best she may not know it but I always think of her on the 28th of Jan. I can't help it.

So if you read this (and you know who you are if you do) - all my love and kisses and all the best for you and your family in the future.

As for me well I think birthdays are much like xmas and I can do without one

Monday, January 17, 2005

Death of a Dog

Each year in January I take my kids up to a place called Tawonga, for a couple of weeks at the caravan park there, it's on the banks of the Kiewa river it is a beautiful place. Unfortunately I have to work for the first week this year, so I dropped the kids there and set up the camp, left them a car and some cash till the weekend. The oldest is 19 there are two 17 year olds and a 15 year old. Overall they are pretty good kids, I am very proud of them. Anyway today I get a phone call from the oldest, she is crying. I ask what's wrong and she tells me her mother just called and their dog of 12 years has had to be put down, it has been sick for sometime but it still hurt. All the kids were upset but she was the worst. I consoled her as much as I could over the phone and she settled down a bit.

Myself, well I couldn't care less I bought the dog for the kids and looked after it most of the time till it was no longer possible, still I don't really care. I wouldn't want to see it suffer but it was just a dog. How people can get sentimental over animals is something I can't understand. People are a different matter altogether, animals should be well treated and that is about it. They provide a service, maybe food, companionship, guarding, eggs whatever. When they no longer can do their job then it's best to dispose of them humanely and get another if required.

Still, I hate to see my daughter cry.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Mud Wraps and Metrosexuals

My lovely wife recently dragged me away to an 'indulgence' B&B for a couple of days. I just don't understand the purpose of the places. We arrived at lunchtime on a 38 degree day. The people then insisted that we have a sauna followed by a shower then a massage then a spa. I just wanted to go the pub and have a beer, now that would be relaxing. That night dinner was cooked for us and they had a theatre room to watch movies. The pub would still have been more fun and more relaxing.

Next day things got worse. We were booked in for a mud wrap and another bloody massage. I have never had a mud wrap before and I guarantee I will never have another one again. It is the closest I have been to being a homosexual. The whole process is revolting and whats worse I had to pay for it! Some bloke smearing some stinking mud all over me then wrapping me plastic is just a horrible experience. What is the point of it? It does not relax anything, costs a fortune, ruins the towels and is overall a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Of Course my wife enjoyed it, and thought it was "Wonderful". Never again for this man. Next time she wants to do this she can take a friend and I will let them have the 'benefits and pleasures of the Massage'. I will go fishing and/or to the pub.

Am I unusual? Is the world becoming overun with metrosexual wimps who have pedicures etc?Men who worry about what their complexion is like? What makes men do these things? I only did it for some peace and quite. Let me live in a world where I am not expected to appreciate the vanity displayed by so many men and women nowadays.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dumb Decisions

Rather than go into detail on all the dumb decisions I have made I will make a list of as many as I can think of for the moment. Later on I may expand on some of them. This list is by no means complete it has only those that came to me last night.

Using paint stripper and not having a brush so I used my hands instead, I was about 15 at the time and when all the skin started to come off my hands I thought I had leprosy.

Leaving school in year 10

Having the choice of several apprenticeships and taking a trainee technician job with Telecom.

Not dancing with a girl I liked at the year 10 formal after she asked me. (She never spoke to me again).

Not asking K to marry me.

Not going to Qld to talk but going to Papua New Guinea to work.

Leaving Papua New Guinea just as I started to like the place.

Quitting my job as a tour guide.

Buying my first business.

Getting married to J.

Not joining the police force (I didn't like the idea of 5 months live in training)

Trying to take the same corner at ever increasing speeds on my suzuki just to see how fast I could get around it without dropping the bike, After falling three times I worked out the maximum speed.

Trying to unblock the lawn mower while it was running. Nothing amputated luckily.

Working on live electrical equipment, because it was 'quicker'.

When I was racing motorcycles not buying the best and quickest bike I could afford, but buying a cheaper slower one. The same for sidecars.

Not checking what was on the other side of a jump at Mt Buller in 1984.

Rebuilding my own house 'to save money'.

Squinting whilst using an angle grinder to save the bother of getting the safety glasses.

Starting the car one day without checking that it was in neutral.

Not becoming involved in a business offer in the early 90's, my mate who did is now a millionaire.

Working for a plumber.

Allowing myself to cash a cheque for an friend of a friend , (he did this to several people and got two years jail).

Getting in a car with my electrician mate, he's not dangerous you just never seem to get home when he said he would get you home.

Selling my stamp collection to a kid at school for a fraction of its worth.

Selling my V8 XA ute for a clapped out fairlane to please my (then) wife.

That is about it for the moment, I am sure many people have made bigger or better mistakes but these are some of mine.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Decision Making

I must be one of the worst people in the world when it comes to making decisions, well not making decisions but making good decisions. I have been trying to think of the biggest blunders and there are so many I don't know where to start. Over the next few weeks I will offer a few of my bigger ones for your amusement.

1980 - I was employed by Telecom (now Telstra) in a well paid secure job that offered (at the time) a good future. For some reason which I can't recall I was dissatisfied and thought I could do better. I was engaged to be married in October that year (I got engaged on the rebound -another story). So in March I threw in my job and bought a car detailing business. I knew nothing about the business and only looked at one and bought it. It was pretty much a disaster, I wasn't tough enough to deal with car yards, I knew nothing about finance and worse - I had to work hard. Well about 12 months later I managed to sell it without losing too much money and webt off to do many other foolish things. I also lost 2 ski seasons, the first because I was working and the secong because I had not much money and a wife whose only pleasure came from spending money - it took 15 years to fix that mistake but that is also another story.

Well it is a perfect summer evening in Melbourne so I am going out to sit by the pool and play the sybarite for a while.

Friday, January 07, 2005

A summer morning Posted by Hello

I have only recently worked out how to put photos on the blog and so I am doing a little experimenting. Here is a view taken about 5.30am from the back balcony. Pity about the ugly house behind with the solar heating on the roof.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Bah Humbug!!!

I agree with scrooge, christmas and all that goes with it is humbug . You spend the entire month of December purchasing gifts for people who are in want of nothing, well aware that you will be the recipient of things you have no desire to posess. When christmas day arrives, things go from bad to worse. Lunch is spent at the in-laws, they are good people, however you are surrounded by their relatives and friends none of which you know, or care to know. After a lunch too large for anyone to sensibly eat, there is the mandatory gift giving and receiving. I get given several pairs of underpants, a shirt which is always too small and to cap it off - a bottle of aftershave. I never use aftershave and if I did I certainly would not use the brand I am given. I act grateful for these unwanted items. There is then the patient waiting..... for an opportunity to escape. Finally it comes and I head for the door. only to be held up another half hour while dusty old uncles and aunts on my wifes side, either shake my hand, or kiss me, or both. It's now 3.30 pm and I am half way through the day.

An hours drive and we arrive at my mothers house. She has spent the last month preparing for today, it means a lot to her. This is the part I dread more than the inlaws. My brothers and sisters begin to arrive. We see each other frequently so there is nothing new to say. We are all tired and just want to go home and rest, but alas for my mother and fathers sake we do not. We stay......... for another large meal, we are all still sated from lunch, but so as we do not dissapoint the mother we tuck in. An hour or so after tea there is a gift giving which is hosted by father christmas. He (we take turns sometimes he is a female) gives out gifts, one for each of us. My mother allocates the drawing of names for who buys for who. There is a limit of $30 and woe to anyone whose gift is either above or below this mark. Pure stress. About 8.30pm it's escape time I see my chance take a quick getaway and leave. At home the kids are put to bed, the whisky is put on ice and I put my feet up and rest.

Boxing Day relief! It is over for another year.

Hope 2005 is good for you .

Sunday, January 02, 2005