Friday, December 31, 2004


Well I assume that nearly everyone else who blogs is also writing an end of year blog. Anyway here is my bit, it is short as I have other things to do. First I wish everybody has a great year next year - I know that this is impossible, however I genuinly wish it for all. Most of us will have a year ranging from not bad to annus horribilus. The odd person here and there will have a ripper. Good luck to all.

I have tried to attach a photo of someone who looks very like me to this blog. It was taken in NZ last year and does bear an amazing resemblance, however it is not me. It is a beautiful summer evening in Melbourne this New Years Eve, normally I go to a NYE party at the Imperial hotel, but not this year it will be a quite one at home. So now I will grab a cold beer (VB of course) and wander out, sit by the pool and finish Pickwick Papers (Dickens). I regret coming so late to Dickens, I have missed out on a lot of enjoyment I could have had years ago. When it gets dark i will grab a bottle of Piper Champagne which is cooling in the fridge and sit on the balcony and wait to watch the illegal fireworks.

Best Wishes

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Anonymous said...

dear bill
i wish you a very happy new year, i too am alone and pondering the year past and the year ahead, no one knows whats ahead but we can all be grateful for each day we have take care