Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Loss of emotional control

About an hour ago on the radio national program -The World at Noon, they had the acting head of the discrimination commission commenting on a report into harassment and vilification of people ( mainly Moslem) since the world trade centre attack. While the study had found an increase in discrimination, what concerns me is the reaction of the acting head (wish I could remember his name). He was almost reduced to tears when describing how a 7th generation person was told to 'Go home', the head (I think it was a Mr Jonas) started to choke and had to compose himself after reading this. Well is this man really suitable for a job like this if he is so emotionally upset by something like this? Surely in his working life he has been exposed to much worse insults either personally or said to someone else? If he hasn't I would say that he lacks the life experience to be in a responsible position anywhere, if he has heard worse how did he react? Did he burst into tears? Lose physical and emotional control? I feel that if an insult this mild causes him to break down momentarily perhaps he should seek employment elsewhere for his own mental and physical health.

This does not mean that I support vilification or harassment of anyone, and it should not be tolerated, however surely an adult should be able to read or listen to reports of bad behavior without losing control.

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