Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Bracks, Doyle and who will do something?

This morning there was a shop owner on 774, explaining how the shopping strip was being effected by people drinking and fighting on the streets starting from about 8am. I would like to know why do we as a community tolerate this sort of bad behavior? For that is what it is. We accept that parking officers will book us for the slightest infringement, we let Mr Bracks and his police minister fine us exorbitant amounts for more than 3kph over the speed limit. Yet we allow our state and local governments to turn a blind eye to drinking, violence. drug taking and selling and a host of other anti social behaviors. Why?

It seems strange that someone who is community minded, looks after their friends and family and generally considers the effects of their actions, can be rigorously policed, yet one can get drunk, assault people, sell or take drugs openly and generally the authorities will ignore it and put it in the too hard basket. I am not a wowser yet I think that people whose actions cause harm or damage to those around them, should be made to answer for their actions. Nothing will happen of course, Steve Bracks will continue to try to ban smoking or something similiar and Robert Doyle will do his WC Fields impressions for the press with his "I will be tougher" talk, yet neither will really consider tackling the real social troubles of Victoria - Violence, Drugs, alcohol, Theft, Unemployment, Education and Social Dislocation. Who will?

By the way I do enjoy a drink (but not in the morning on a street corner), haven't had a speeding ticket in years and have copped a couple of parking tickets in the past few years.

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